Shortcut launches Brand logo derivatives, creating clear signposts to its specialist services

Lee Vanstone - Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Shortcut has created "Signposts" to its 4 principal activities by using coloured versions of its logo icon to represent:


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Shortcut Mappings

Display Products: 

Magup – Magnetic suspension for quicker signage installation - is for simple signage and display hanging – ditch the ladders, park the scissor lift and MagUp 

Origami - the art of folding paper is transformed into folding metal. Cunningly CAD designed layouts allow your POS display to be crafted out of a flat metal sheet, minimising space in transit and time in assembly

Project Planning:

Ever felt you are on a one-way street going the wrong way? Let us point you in the right direction with our clever call file mapping service. Our crew can plot all of your project KPI's, based on team numbers, workdays and locations into a whizzy route plan. This routing can factor in individual work-plans, optimise re-loading requirements, minimise re-fuelling and ensure the grass is greener on your side of the corporate fence.

The Shortcut PM guys will then deliver your project stress-free, on time and on budget.

Store Mapping & Installations:

Getting our talented, trained and enthusiastic people to lots of retail sites to undertake detailed measured surveys, audits or installations for POS projects in the shortest time possible is what we do every day of the year. Typically 200-500 store visits across UK & EU locations in a matter of days, although we are equally able and willing to undertake just a few or go large with thousands.

Our techies monitor the progress and get data and images back to your tablet, phone or desktop in real time, using the latest apps and IT know-how. Our guys are the face of your business, so just sit back and let us get it right first time - every time.

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