Shortcut is a company which specialises in providing solutions for Point of Sale promotion projects, and we love what we do. It’s who we are.

Shortcut Mapping

Headed up by Stuart, who has over 30 years’ experience; managing and implementing POS projects for retail brand owners, high street retailers and creative agencies across all sectors across the UK and Europe.

Based in Oxfordshire, Shortcut was conceived through a passion for building relationships, creative thinking, staying in step with the technology curve, and taking on a project and seeing it through to completion. Stuart is no stranger to the latter, having managed some eye watering projects including the UK’s National Lottery Roll out, signage installations at the 2012 Olympics, numerous Tesco projects and Lloyds Bank rebrand to name but a few.

Our goal is to simplify and speed up the process of getting your message to market, provide you with solutions that maximize your budget by minimizing the time it takes to deploy.

Our core service and solutions include:

Shortcut - Store mapping and installations

Shortcut - Route planning and project management

Shortcut – Products - Distribution of Innovative display products ( we would be more than happy to hear from you if you have products which you think might be the right fit for Shortcut – contact us by email or phone 0800 999 8133)

Technology plays an enormous part in the Shortcut experience, whether it’s providing quick and easy-to-digest updates to keep you up to speed with your project or providing real time access to the valuable information we are gathering on each of your stores, we work hard to identify and implement technology that enhances our service and provides the best possible customer experience.

We believe that close collaboration with our clients is the key ingredient to a successful project outcome, keeping in step, sharing insight, and combining this with a good dollop of realism and a pinch or two of fun to bake in the best results.

We would love to hear from you, drop us an email or call us today on 0800 999 8133

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